The Capacity & Capability Clinic provides Capability Medico-legal Evaluation Reports that serve a wide spectrum of needs. The reports are designed to support the autonomy of individuals faced with complex health, welfare, legal or financial decisions.

  • Advising on capacity and capability consequences of a range of medical diagnoses including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, other neuro degenerative disorders and psycho-social disorders.
  • Reporting on whether a client can give informed consent for a decision. For example, any transaction affecting a client’s health, wealth and wellbeing.
  • Educating clients, and through them their supporting and substitute decision makers, on the legal consequences of any decision or situation of concern.
  • Supporting clients to implement supported and substituted decision making when a client is affected by constrained autonomy.

In its wider role for the community and the professions, Autonomy First provides training on autonomy assessment and  supported decision making to referrers, their personnel and the general community.

MQ Health provides location, administrative support and non-legal clinician support for the Clinic. Autonomy First Lawyers, not MQ Health, has responsibility for the Clinic’s integrated medico-legal service delivery and proposing any follow-on pathways or solutions. The choice of who helps implement these always remains with the client.

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