To help our clients and patients, their family and supporters, age well.


Our approach is multidisciplinary guided by the ethics of care and respecting the ethics of ageing in dealing with the needs and objectives of our clients and patients.

We respect the legal assumption of capacity and work within the evident cognitive ability of our clients. We serve the life cycle of our clients, not just their life stages. We use supported decision making as a method that guides our approach to client engagement and care.

We recognise all the following elements of a client’s wealth that may need to be managed in order to produce the best outcome for the client, their family and supporters:


  • Financial – property, assets and resources
  • Family – common vision, mission and connectedness
  • Human – potential, skills and abilities
  • Structural – the form of ownership of family wealthMission, Values and Vision
  • Societal – social and community engagement and contribution
  • Spiritual – common values


To be a cognitive responsive workplace. To employ cognitive responsive workers. To strengthen the ability, voice and actions of our clients consistent with their cognition.

Our Values

We care for clients, their families and supporters who for a range of reasons are not decision makers of unconstrained autonomy.

We strengthen and support the capacity of a person, their family and other supporters to deal with complex decision making about their health, wealth and wellness.

We look forward to helping you.

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