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Our People

Autonomy First was founded by consultant clinical neuropsychologist Dr Jane Lonie and leading trusts, estates and private client lawyer Michael Perkins

Autonomy First Lawyers

Autonomy First Lawyers is a multidisciplinary focused, cognitive responsive professional practice consisting of authors, educators and lawyers.

Clinic at MQ Health

The Capacity & Capability Clinic is located at Suite 401, Level 4, 2 Technology Place, Macquarie University.

Professional Training

Autonomy First offers training on autonomy assessment and  supported decision making to professionals, referrers and their personnel.

Public Education

In its wider role for the community, Autonomy First provides education on capacity and capability consequences of a range of diagnoses and medico-legal needs.

MQ Health at Macquarie University provides location, administrative support and non-legal clinician support for Autonomy First’s Capacity & Capability Clinic.
Autonomy First Lawyers, not MQ Health, has responsibility for the Clinic’s integrated medico-legal service delivery and proposing any follow-on pathways or solutions. The choice of who helps implement these always remains with the client.

“[A] good understanding of the issues surrounding mental capacity is an essential skill for any solicitor who holds himself or herself out as competent to provide legal services to natural persons.” Ryan vs Dalton; Estate of Ryan [2017] NSWSC 1007

- Supreme Court of NSW

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