Pro bono drop-in problem solving forums

Pro bono drop-in problem solving forums

Our attendance at the Sydney Disability Expo on the 4th of December has highlighted to us that a number of organisations have clients who have questions and require advice about representation and decision making. As a result, we have offered free drop in consultation...

Document Signature and Witnessing Over Audiovisual Media Guide

The eight practices and procedures here are a practical guide for effective signature and witnessing of documents affecting in particular the health, wealth and wellbeing of individuals and their families. In 2020 four escalating developments require greater care: (1) pandemic social distancing, (2) signature and witnessing over audiovisual media, (3) virtual meetings, and (4) remote collaborative computing. For difficult or complex cases Autonomy First Lawyer’s Capacity & Capability Clinic at MQ Health can help.

Australia’s journey to a rights-based civil society

The Capacity & Capability Clinic delivers a blended service, an early evaluation and report about a person’s capacity and capability in the context of a particular decision, document, situation or concern. This responds to growing social and legal needs in Australia’s ageing society.